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"The intimacy of the Self is known through experience."



"Siva is a devoted Yogi and World traveler. Having lived, studied, and practiced in India and Nepal, his teaching draws heavily upon various yogic philosophies, and his experiences while abroad. It is his mission to help connect students to their inner selves through regular, and constant practice."



Yoga has shown me strength, focus, and perseverance I never knew I had. In the darkest times of my life, yoga gave me a space to process my emotions and get involved with a loving, accepting community that supports me on every step of my journey. 


I want to share what yoga has given me and help students build confidence from the ground up. By creating a space for playful, meditative movement, I aim to open people up to new possibilities through a practice that reveals our true nature- being happy, wild, and free. 



Born and raised in Seattle, Joseph completed his 200-hour teacher training at Mother Yoga, and enjoys sharing knowledge of both the physical practice and the philosophy of yoga with students. The beginning of Joseph's yoga journey marked a turning point in his life, and he hopes to introduce the practice to many others so that they may find similar benefits for the mind, body, and heart. 



Heather is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga. She focuses on honoring its spiritual roots, and is dedicated to making yoga available and accessible to all bodies. She is inspired by her own never-ending curiosity of what is possible in the body and unlocking the mystical qualities of the breath. Her classes incorporate a focus on self-inquiry over aesthetics, and the ability to calibrate effort by cultivating a deep connection to the body through mindfulness and awareness practices.



I want to provide a space for others to come together and find a moment of peace and joy. I believe in the power of community and unconditional love for self and for others. I am always learning and growing in this practice, and I’m excited to provide a space for others to do the same. 



Yoga is a reminder of the True self. Im excited to provided space for everyone! I’m passionate about the relationship between our physical practice and the psychosomatic system. I offer a practice based in non performative movement that provides space for every body to create a little more space and comfort.



As a seasoned technologist from India, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest yoga teachers, including Regeesh Vattakandy and Mrinali Madhukar. I specialize in Hatha and Vinyasa.


As an artist, I am always exploring how to use my mind and body to their full potential through various forms of art and yoga. My curiosity about the science behind body movements and the brain led me to study and practice yoga, and I have come to believe that our bodies are capable of achieving almost anything if we can convince our minds to allow it.


I am grateful for the strength and energy that yoga brings into my life, and I am eager to share these benefits with others.

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Yoga’s expanded me.

I've found solace in the ritual of returning to the mat, centering my mind. 

I've cultivated joy, opening my heart and allowing it to shine outward. 

I've discovered strength, balancing my body. 

I've eased deeper into poses and into myself.  

I’ve embraced tenderness, softening in savasana. 


I am honored and eager to share this practice with you at Mother Yoga and connect through movement, meditation, and mindfulness.



Yoga has provided me with a powerful way to re-member creativity, care, and community in every aspect of life. My classes are curious, safe, and imaginative experiences that help us come back to ourselves and each other — and release some pressure and expectations. I believe in the power of storytelling, and yoga as liberation that we co-create as lifelong students and teachers.



When enough people make the same movement, say the same things, and share the same feelings, their experiences begin to manifest great power. The motions and postures of yoga bring peace to the mind. The philosophy and community bring peace to the heart. I am lucky enough to have been passed down this ancient tradition of self-care, and I'm excited to share it with you! I specialize in Vinyasa and am drawn to fiery yet graceful flow. My classes provide the opportunity to build strength but also find ease within your body.



My practice has afforded me the space to further explore my own self-expression and create a sense of home within myself. It is because of my personal experience that I am passionate about creating inclusive and exploratory spaces for members
of our community. It is through movement, curiosity and community that I have been able to feel more in touch with myself and I hope to share the same with you. 

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