Terilyn is all about COMMUNITY! This passion and commitment shines through in every class that she teaches and in her every interaction. She teaches from the belief that yoga is for every body; all racial identities,
all sexual orientations, all gender identities,
all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities, all
cultures and all religions. 


Terilyn is committed to continue doing the work to decolonize her mind from the limiting beliefs of white supremacy and patriarchal culture to hold a brave and safer space for all bodies to feel welcome and feel the inherent dignity that is our birthright. Terilyn sees yoga as a tool to reveal and heal trauma as well as express love, joy and liberation and she feels deeply honored to hold sacred space for others to find healing and liberation in themselves. Terilyn’s main influences/teachers are Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams and Seane Corn.



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“Ceremony focuses attention so that attention becomes intention… Ceremonies transcend the boundaries of the individual and resonate beyond the human realm. These acts of reverence are powerfully pragmatic. These are ceremonies that magnify life… ceremonies are the way that we remember to remember”


– Robin Wall Kimmer, Braiding Sweetgrass


I bring ceremony and experience to my community, to Mother Yoga, because I know that we can reclaim our cultural integrity by returning to our roots, by returning to our sense of gratitude and membership as a part of a larger whole. Each of us comes from people who were indigenous once. That mind and heart of connection to each other and reverence to the more-than-human world is the antidote to our loneliness, self-limiting patterns, and longing.


I have met cacao in many ways throughout my life. I know cacao as a child picking its fruits and enjoying the sweet soft fruit of the pod, spitting the seeds on the ground to become new trees. I know cacao as a professional pastry chef, having mastered the technicality and science of the intricate crystalline structure of chocolate as an artistic medium. I know cacao as someone enlivened by it’s medicine, and that is how I want to introduce it to you.



I am a lifelong student of yoga and movement practices.  My teaching style is intuitive and playful, built upon a foundation of study.  My calling as a yoga teacher is to empower you to find the best way of moving and being in your body.  I seek to lead, to engage, to motivate, to hold space and to inspire.  Be prepared to surprise yourself with new ways of moving and understanding. 



"The intimacy of the Self is known through experience."



Piper has been studying yoga for the past ten years and teaching for about a year. Being fresh to teaching she approaches it with a learning mind, an open heart, and a sustaining zeal for growth.


  Her class style is soulful and rhythmic with an attention to authentic, heartfelt expression. As a teacher she aims to guide students to a place of deeper embodiment and to create space for  all to live with more courage, strength and compassion. She believes that movement is joyful medicine, and that taking root in the center or our experiences is radical.



“If all you do today is focus on the breath, I promise that you will have a profound experience”  

That sentence, delivered by my deep friend and teacher, Sada Simaran, at my first class of Kundalini Yoga turned out to be true for every class I have taken and taught.
The breath, the frequency of sound from chanted mantras,
the gong sound bath, the guitar and the powerful body movements of Kundalini Yoga all contribute to the experience and development of the meditative mind. 
My yoga is deeply influenced by my 30 years of clinical practice in Structural  Bodywork, Neuro Movement Therapy, Functional Neurology and Nutrition.  My experience of changing my own mind through practicing Kundalini was one of my inspirations to create my company Neo Myalo | New Mind, a collection of plant
and mineral formulas for creating new brain pathways. 



Jennifer LeValley (she/her) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and yoga enthusiast. She earned her M.S. in Ayurvedic Sciences from Bastyr University, but will be a forever student of the vast and rich wisdom found in this ancient healing science. 

Jennifer teaches classes in Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle and also sees clients for one on one counseling through diverse health challenges. Whatever the setting, she imparts knowledge and practical guidance to empower each person to make daily choices to support their health, ultimately helping them become their own medicine.



Valerie has been practicing yoga for over two decades and began teaching full time in 2006.  With a parallel career as a musician her teaching style is influenced by the exuberance of a performer yet infused with a sense of focus and reverence for traditional yogic teachings. She brings to the studio a culturally competent, trauma informed atmosphere that is affirming to all body types and abilities and is LGBTQ+ friendly.



Liz’s love of fitness and movement brought her to her yoga mat over twenty years ago. Though her original intent was to utilize yoga to keep her body strong, healthy and free from injury, it did not take long for her to discover the seemingly infinite emotional and physical benefits from a regular practice. Over the years she has embraced numerous styles of yoga in her constant pursuit of knowledge and practice. In 2017 Liz graduated from the
8-limbs 200-hr yoga teacher training program here in Seattle. She enjoys teaching, as well as taking, powerful strengthening practices such as Flow and Vinyasa, while also integrating more calming practices such as

Gentle, Yin and Restorative yoga. Liz is passionate about the mental health benefits of yoga and regularly includes meditation and pranayama into her classes. She truly wants her students to feel welcomed and supported in their yoga and healing journey.