Angel’s classes are rooted in her experience with meditation and yoga as tools to work through depression and anxiety, while also discovering inner strength and discipline along the way.


The grounding pace of her classes encourages and challenges beginners and experienced students alike. She believes there are as many ways to study and understand yoga as there are people in the world.



Kari's classes are diverse in perspective as she believes that at any given moment in your life you may need a very different kind of yoga. From strong and balanced, to slow and restorative, to family friendly she strives to create offerings that can fit many different facets of many diverse lives. One thing that unites all these classes is a true passion to create a bridge with each student where the destination is a more balanced mind, body,  spirit.



J. C. incorporates ancient Indian philosophy into a vigorous, intro-level vinyasa class, with an emphasis on arm balances and inversions--your heart will get above your head!  His background as an attorney makes his classes structured and balanced. And it’s been said that he features some of the best music…

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"The intimacy of the Self is known through experience."



Piper has been studying yoga for the past ten years and teaching for about a year. Being fresh to teaching she approaches it with a learning mind, an open heart, and a sustaining zeal for growth.


  Her class style is soulful and rhythmic with an attention to authentic, heartfelt expression. As a teacher she aims to guide students to a place of deeper embodiment and to create space for  all to live with more courage, strength and compassion. She believes that movement is joyful medicine, and that taking root in the center or our experiences is radical.



As a yoga teacher, my goal is to guide my students to a place where they can find peace and agency within their own bodies. We have all of the tools- it’s just about knowing how to utilize them. I am committed to furthering my education constantly, with a focus on inclusivity, social justice, and healing trauma. Fascinated by somatic patterns, I continue to study the ways our bodies hold onto our pasts, and how we can relieve unnecessary suffering through our movements and lifestyles.


Sri Vijayanath

Sri Vijayanath has been performing ritual, ceremony, puja and other types of sadhana (spiritual exertion) for nearly 20 years. Over that time he has practiced and studied in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica and all over the United States.  He is an initiate and preceptor of the International Nath Order and a student and practitioner of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and various other disciplines and craft



Jennifer LeValley (she/her) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and yoga enthusiast. She earned her M.S. in Ayurvedic Sciences from Bastyr University, but will be a forever student of the vast and rich wisdom found in this ancient healing science. 

Jennifer teaches classes in Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle and also sees clients for one on one counseling through diverse health challenges. Whatever the setting, she imparts knowledge and practical guidance to empower each person to make daily choices to support their health, ultimately helping them become their own medicine.