Jeanie (she/her) first understood that yoga was for her over 20 years ago when she was having trouble balancing in tree pose. In that moment, she realized that everyday we have different challenges and yoga is a practice that can help us gain perspective. Every moment is an opportunity to learn about ourselves. Through movement, breath, meditation, mantra, and joy in community, we can dispel the illusions in our life. Jeanie is deeply honored to be teaching at Mother and looks forward to sharing your practice with you. 



I am a lifelong student of yoga and movement practices. My teaching style is intuitive and playful, built upon a foundation of study. My calling as a yoga teacher is to empower you to find the best way of moving and being in your body. I seek to lead, to engage, to motivate, to hold space and to inspire. Be prepared to surprise yourself with new ways of moving and understanding. 



"The intimacy of the Self is known through experience."



Loving awareness is our true nature. Raiza holds space for self-inquiry, active expression and conscious connection through powerful movement and colorful meditation. One of the greatest gifts Yoga has offered Raiza so far is the opportunity to yoke with the Consciousness that threads all Beings. This sacred reunion is a practice we are journeying together. She is devoted to her own homecoming and is passionate about facilitating an environment for you to feel into your body, soul and Spirit. 



Piper has been studying yoga for the past ten years and teaching for about a year. Being fresh to teaching she approaches it with a learning mind, an open heart, and a sustaining zeal for growth.


Her class style is soulful and rhythmic with an attention to authentic, heartfelt expression. As a teacher she aims to guide students to a place of deeper embodiment and to create space for  all to live with more courage, strength and compassion. She believes that movement is joyful medicine, and that taking root in the center or our experiences is radical.



Jennifer LeValley (she/her) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and yoga enthusiast. She earned her M.S. in Ayurvedic Sciences from Bastyr University, but will be a forever student of the vast and rich wisdom found in this ancient healing science. 

Jennifer teaches classes in Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle and also sees clients for one on one counseling through diverse health challenges. Whatever the setting, she imparts knowledge and practical guidance to empower each person to make daily choices to support their health, ultimately helping them become their own medicine.



Heather is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga. She focuses on honoring its spiritual roots, and is dedicated to making yoga available and accessible to all bodies. She is inspired by her own never-ending curiosity of what is possible in the body and unlocking the mystical qualities of the breath. Her classes incorporate a focus on self-inquiry over aesthetics, and the ability to calibrate effort by cultivating a deep connection to the body through mindfulness and awareness practices.